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Baytown Sewer Line Repair

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Some sewer line cleaning and maintenance tasks can be safely performed by a homeowner.  However, sewer line repair and replacement tasks should always be performed by a certified professional plumber.  Not that we don’t trust your plumbing abilities…. It’s because any errors in the sewer line repair can easily cause even more problems, clogging, leaks, or sewage back-ups. The repair or replacement of an entire sewer line can be required when simple drain cleaning efforts don’t work.  We will exhaust every effort in cleaning the lines before replacing.

Btown Plumber technicians and Baytown Plumbers are fully trained in the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. We can solve all of your plumbing and drainage problems, including sewer line repair and sewer line replacement.

How can BTown Plumber identify your sewer line repair and pinpoint its exact location?  Simple.  We employ an in-line video inspection camera.  The images captured by our camera are transmitted to a device operated by one of our Baytown plumbers. These images can be recorded. While all that is going on, a radio transmitter is at work.  The transmitter records the physical location of the line and its depth from the surface.  This data together helps us accurately diagnose the problem so the appropriate repairs can be properly planned and implemented.

These are the main culprits causing

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer Line Repair | Replacement Options

Roots in sewer line

If we determine that a sewer line must be repaired or replaced we’ll discuss the two optional methods.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair – Typically performed using machinery to dig up the area around the line.  This allows access to the sewer line and problem area.  When the repair is complete, machinery refills the area but leaves a bit of a mess. Sometimes this is the only option.  It depends on the condition of your pipes, their location, your home and lawn, and many other variables.

Trenchless Repair Method – We make access holes where your damaged pipes start and end.  Then we pull new pipe right through your old existing pipe.  This process destroys your old pipe while installing the new pipe.  Trenchless Repairs cause less damage to yards and driveways than traditional repair methods.  Trenchless repairs only affect the dirt at the beginning and end of the sewer line repair.

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Sewer Stoppage

For more than 21 years, the technicians at Btown Plumbers have provided high-quality plumbing services for homeowners and business owners. We have years experience developing our plumbing skills and our commitment to superior customer service.  We treat every job as if it were for our own home or business. From sewer stoppage and sewer line replacements to water heater installations, we have the experience.

Sewer Line Repair and Replace

We typically don’t think twice about our sewer lines–until something goes wrong. Whether you’re in need of a sewer line repair or replacement, the technicians at Btown Plumbers are ready to help. We begin most jobs by performing an inspection of your sewer lines using a high-tech miniature camera. This process allows us to quickly and accurately pinpoint the source of the stoppage or damage.

Although most jobs require a simple cleaning, in some cases, our technicians will need to completely replace a sewer line. We use a trenchless process in which we dig a small area around the existing line before pulling the old or damaged line out. Then, the technician installs a new line and completes the job by filling in the trench once more.

Our team also performs complete sewer installations for new residential and commercial buildings. Our professional services can bring your home or business onto the sewer grid.  To learn more about our sewer services or to schedule a free estimate, please contact us today.