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Baytown Toilet Installation

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Baytown Toilet Installation.

Many times people don’t realize how difficult it can be to change a simple toilet.  There are also many choices now a days as to the replacement toilet you pick.  First do you want a comfort height toilet?  Next would you prefer an elongated bowl? Finally does it matter how much water it takes to flush it?  All very valid choices and make a huge difference in the toilet you choice.

First you should decide if the toilet can simply be repaired, or does it need replacement?   There are several problems that can be repaired on your toilet.

  • Replace the handle
  • Change the flapper
  • Replace the fill valve

Some problems are more difficult to diagnose and can result in having to replace the toilet.  A crack in the bowl for example can not be repaired most times properly for long term.

Baytown Toilet Replacement

Baytown Toilet Installation | Toilet Installation Baytown, Tx

Your toilet does not have to look this bad to need to be replaced.  There are several reasons that you might need toilet replacement.

  • Cracked Bowl
  • Needs plunging once a week
  • Requires more than one flush

If your toilet has a cracked bowl, especially under the water line, it will need to be replaced.  There is no real way to repair your toilet bowl if cracked in certain places.

Needing plunging on a regular basis is a sure sign that there is a problem.  Toilets should not need to be plunged on a regular basis.

Finally, does your toilet regularly need more than one flush to clear the bowl?  Older low flow toilets are notorious for needing several flushes.

If you have any of these problems, you will need a new toilet.  There are thousands of videos out there if you choose to tackle replacing your toilet on your own.  Also you can find hundreds of replacement toilets at Home Depot or Lowes.  For those of you that would rather trust a trained professional plumber, call BTown Plumber today.  We have sent our trusted plumbers to save the day for many optimistic DIY weekend warrior home owners and installed their toilets correctly.

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